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Pest Wagon supply the best service, at the best price, for all your pest control and prevention requirements in Bairnsdale. You can trust Pest Wagon for safe and effective professional pest control. ​

Pest Control Services

Spiders are treated using a residual pesticide. The pesticide destroys existing spiders and the residual pesticide will protect your property for around 12 months depending on weather conditions and other events. The treatment will also control flies, mosquitoes and ants, however, major infestation will require an alternative treatment.
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Mosquitoes are controlled by treating the surrounding vegetation. This is quite successful but is also dependant on ensuing weather conditions. Typically a treatment usually last 6 to 8 weeks and which is usually sufficient to get past the worst of the season.
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Ants can successfully treated with Termidor as a perimeter spray. Some spot treatment of nests and trails is also undertaken.
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Rodents are very much a seasonal problem and can be controlled using permanent bait stations and periodic inspections with restocking. It is surprising how the bait keeps disappearing without any noticeable activity. It works.
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European wasps
DANGER - do not disturb them if you notice a lot of activity in a certain area. European wasps can attack. Nests can be destroyed safely with the correct treatment by a technician wearing suitable protective equipment. Never disturb a suspected nest.
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Fleas are treated with a product licensed for internal use, supported with another product which destroys un-hatched eggs. A thorough vacuum rounds out the process.
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Possums are managed using a one way trap door fitted to the entry /exit hole. An infrared trail camera is also used to monitor movement overnight. A nesting box can be supplied to give the possum an alternative shelter. When we are sure that there are no possums in the roof space, the entry hole is repaired and sealed.
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About Us

Neil Watt - Pest Wagon Pest Control Bairnsdale

Neill Watt is a seasoned professional in the pest control industry. His initial foray into pest control was in 2010 where he was trained by one of the very best in the business.

Inspired by his mentor, Neill went on to establish Pest Wagon in 2014, realising his dream to bring the highest level of knowledge and service in pest control to the Bairnsdale and East Gippsland market.

Pest Control FAQs

You can remain at home if you wish while we treat pests, however our recommendation is that you leave while we carry out our work. 

We accept cash and bank transfer. 

We offer a very broad service that covers most pests and rodents however we do not provide a pre-purchase property inspection service. 

Yes – we are registered with the Victorian Health Department and our licence number is L010393.

Yes – Pest Wagon is fully insured, and that includes third party insurance. 

Only quality, safe and effective products are used at Pest Wagon – namely, Termidore and Biflex. These products are safe to use around your home and commercial premises. 

First thing is to not disturb the nest. If a nest is disturbed, the pests will often move elsewhere and be difficult to find. Call us and we can inspect the nest, identify the pest, and then treat with the most appropriate product. 

Yes – we can manage properties where there is a problem with rats, mice, and possums.

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